25 Man Roster Challenge

The guys over at 1 Blue Jays Way are running their 25 Man Roster Challenge again, so shall we?  Gonna keep this pretty brief as it is pretty straight forward, but feel free to ask any questions on Twitter.

C – Navarro
1B – Lind
2B – Goins
SS – Reyes
3B – Lawrie
RF – Bautista
CF – Rasmus
LF – Cabrera
DH – Encarnacion

BN – Izturis
BN – Thole
BN – Sierra

SP – Dickey
SP – Morrow
SP – Jiminez (Ubaldo, FA signing!)
SP – Buehrle
SP – Happ

RP – Janssen
RP – Santos
RP – Cecil
RP – Delabar
RP – McGowan
RP – Rogers
RP – Jeffress
RP – Redmond

Spring Training Record : 15-13

Nothing too shocking there, besides maybe the Ubaldo signing.  I think they will wait to start the clock on Stroman or any other young players.  Could see some real good competition for that 5th rotation spot, hopefully everyone stays healthy.

The other issues with this team is options.  It is almost certain someone will need to go through waivers if there are no deals before Opening Day.  I took the fairly conservative road with this entry, but would be fully entertained if AA decided to show me up!

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